Hockey Junior Worldcup 2016

Hockey Junior Worldcup 2016- A Victorious Journey of India's Junior Hockey Team

A Journey of Excellence

India has broken the 15 years jinx to clinch the Junior Hockey World Cup through its phenomenal performance to outclass maiden finalists Belgium by 2-1 and lifted their second trophy at Major Dhyan Chand Stadium in Lucknow on 18th December, 2016. After 15 years of gap, this is the glorious moment when we could see the Indian Tricolour flying high at the World Cup. This is India's second win in the championship, having claimed the gold medal for the first time way back in 2001 at Hobart.



It was standing room only at the Major Dhyan Chand Astroturf Stadium for the gold medal match, with 17000 cheering fans creating an electric atmosphere for what was a sparkling showcase of junior international hockey. Reserving their best for the final day, Indian Junior Hockey Team rewrote the history by winning the Junior Hockey World Cup Title after defeating Belgium by 2-1. It was a superb match where Indian team performed outstandingly and put the Belgians under immense pressure throughout the match.


In an amazing match with Australia in semi-finals where Indian team edge past Australia to reach finals through the penalty shootout by 4-2 at the Major Dhyan Chand Astroturf Stadium when both the teams were Levelled at 2-2 in regulation time.


After 11 years, Indian Junior Hockey Team finally entered semi-finals by securing a historic win over Spain by 0-1. It was a tough match where none of the teams were ready to budge.




The Hockey Junior World Cup is an international field hockey competition that is being organized in every four years by International Hockey Federation (FIH) since 1985. In this competition, competitors must be under the age of 21 as of December 31 in the year before the tournament is held.

In Hockey Junior World Cup 16 countries take part amongst which five top countries are India, Germany, Argentina, Australia and Pakistan.


Uttar Pradesh Hockey Junior World Cup Lucknow 2016
8/18 December 2016

Participating Teams

POOL A                     POOL B                     POOL C                       Pool D
Australia Netherlands Germany England
Argentina Belgium New Zealand India
Korea Pakistan Spain South Africa
Austria Egypt Japan Canada

Match Schedule

Thursday (8 December) 1 11:30 C New Zealand Vs Japan
  2 13:30 C Germany Vs Spain
  3 15:30 D England Vs South Africa
    17:30   Opening Ceremony
  4 19:00 D India Vs Canada
Friday (9 December) 5 10:00 A Australia Vs Korea
  6 12:00 A Argentina Vs Austria
  7 14:00 B Belgium Vs Egypt
  8 16:00 C Spain Vs Japan
  9 18:00 C New Zealand Vs Germany
  10 20:00 B Netherlands Vs Pakistan
Saturday (10 December)  11 13:00 A Korea Vs Austria
  12 15:00 D South Africa Vs Canada
  13 17:00 B Pakistan Vs Egypt
  14 19:00 C Spain Vs New Zealand
Sunday (11 December) 15 13:00 C Germany Vs Japan
  16 15:00 B Belgium Vs Netherlands
  17 17:00 B Pakistan Vs Egypt
  18 19:00 C Spain Vs New Zealand
Monday(12 December) 19 10:00 D England Vs Canada
  20 12:00 A Australia Vs Austria
  21 14:00 A Korea Vs Argentina
  22 16:00 B Netherlands Vs Egypt
  23 18:00 B Pakistan Vs Belgium
  24 20:00 D South Africa Vs India
Tuesday (13 December)            REST DAY    
Wednesday( 14 December)   12:15 QF1  
    14:30 QF1  
    16:45 QF1  
    19:00 QF1  
  Thursday (15 December)   12:15 13/161  
    14:30 13/161  
    16:45 9/121  
    19:00 9/121  
Friday (16 December) 33 12:15 5/82  
  34 14:30 5/82  
  35 16:45 SF2  
  36 19:00 SF2  
Saturday (17 December) 37 12:15 15/163  
  38 14:30 13/143  
  39 16:45 11/123  
  40 19:00 9/103  
Sunday (18 December) 41 12:15 7/83  
  42 14:30 5/63  
  43 16:45 3/4  
  44 19:00 Final  
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