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1. Provision has been made for the direct recruitment of medal winners in international events like Olympic Games, World cup/ World Championship (arranged after interval of 4 Years), Asian Games and Commonwealth Games who are natives of Uttar Pradesh in various departments at Gazetted posts.
2. In Olympic Games 2016, gold medallists will be given Rs. 6.00 crore, silver medallists will be given Rs. 4.00 crores and bronze medallists will be given Rs. 2.00 crore in singles category. Whereas in the team event, the prize-money for the gold, silver and bronze medallists would be Rs 3 crore, Rs 2 crore and Rs 1 crore, respectively. Moreover, sports persons who participated in Rio Olympics 2016, would be given Rs 10.00 lacs each as a token of appreciation.
3. In Commonwealth Games and Asian Games, gold medallists will be given Rs. 50.00 lacs, silver medallists will be given Rs. 30.00 lacs, bronze medallists will be given Rs. 15 lacs. Whereas in the team games, the gold medallists will be given Rs.30 lacs, silver medallist will be given Rs. 15 lacs, and bronze medallists will be given Rs. 10.00 lacs. Moreover, all the sportspersons who have participated in these games, would be given Rs. 5.00 lacs each as a token of appreciation.
4. From the year 2015-2016, Laxman/ Rani Laxmibai Award winners would get Rs. 3,11,00/- cash.

Sportspersons of the State, honoured with Arjun, Dronacharya, Khel Ratan , Padam Shree and Padam Bhushan awards for the achievements in their respective disciplines would be given a monthly financial assistance of Rs.20,000.

6. Financial aid given to former famous sportspersons/wrestlers has been doubled.

In Special Olympics World Summer Games ( USA) 2015, medallists from Uttar Pradesh who received gold medal were given Rs. 10.00 lacs, silver medal were given Rs. 5.00 lacs, whereas bronze medallist were given Rs. 2.00 lacs as a reward.

8. As many as 100 new posts of ad hoc coaches were created.

The monthly reimbursement of the ad hoc coaches is doubled.

10. The diet money of sportspersons of sports hostels, sports colleges, central coaching and national championship has been increased.
11. Provision of free allocation/ reservation facility of rooms, playground and swimming pools was made for general class sportspersons of recognized federations/association and handicapped players for the national/state level competitions.     

For the first time refresher courses for the coaches was introduced in the year 2015-16. These courses were meant for the departmental as well as for the ad hoc coaches. The first one in the series was badminton. Certainly, in December coaches related to badminton were made aware about the updated information related to training in their respective field.

Indonesian coaches Henra Mulyano and Deviteri Ari Sendi shared the new coaching techniques with the coaches in this refreshment course.

After this, a three-day seminar/course of football coaches at the Guru Gobind Singh Sports College was conducted in December by a three-member delegation of the Croatian Football Federation. They were Evan Capeseiga, Tahomir Segibesik and Evan Perlik.

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