Additional Chief Secretary's Message

Additional Chief Secretary
  • Dr. Anita Bhatnagar Jain
  • Additional Chief Secretary
  • Sports & Youth Welfare Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh


With sole aim to develop different aspects of various sports in Uttar Pradesh, many schemes have been implemented and several new schemes have been started. The strategy of sports department is multidimensional. Here, along with development of international sports infrastructural facilities, emphasis is also laid upon development and strengthening of human infrastructural facilities; under which for the first time ever full transparency is emphasized on training of trainers, evaluation of trainers and continuous skill test along with admission process of players obtaining training.

As a result of the unique thinking, for the first time ever training of football trainers by world renowned Croatian Football Federation and training of badminton trainers by Indonesian Coaches could be successfully conducted. In the history of the state, for the first time ever a memorable Programme of Hockey League was organized on January 2016 at Guru Gobind Singh Sports Stadium, Lucknow where players from around 20 countries participated. Similarly, for the first time ever in May 2016, IPL matches of cricket were organized in the state.

Development of state is embodied in the development of the sports. Apparently, sports have a positive effect on physical and mental health, but the most important aspect of it is that through sports character building and in same order society and nation building is contributed directly. Therefore, it is my faith that this newly created website of sports department will play an important role in department’s effort to reach masses and promote transparency.

With Regards

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