The training program is the sports department's backbone. Sports department in order to give the knowledge of sports to boys/girls and make them a high level player, use to organise popular sports training camps at the departmental Sports Establishments such as sports stadium, multipurpose sports hall, gymnasium, swimming pool, synthetic basketball court, hockey Astro turf (artificial grass land) built by the sports department in the districts of the state, for the maximum and regular benefit of the players. The training camps of the respective sports are conducted throughout the year by the departmental trainers (sports officer, deputy sports officer, assistant trainer) deployed in the sports department. In addition to departmental trainers, part-time honorarium trainers are deployed as per rules, and training camps are conducted. Part time honorarium trainers are paid honorarium according to their qualifications.

Details of 130 training camps by departmental trainers of various sports and part-time honorarium for last eight years, in the sports stadium / sports establishments built in the districts of the state, by the Sports Department in the year 2016-17, are as follows: -

S.NoYearNo of Training ProgrammesNo of Beneficiary/ Trained Players
1 2009-10 Departmental - 123
Part-time - 175
2 2010-11 Departmental - 135
Part-time - 195
3 2011-12 Departmental - 142
Part-time - 284
4 2012-13 Departmental - 142
Part-time - 327
5 2013-14 Departmental - 129
Part-time - 303
6 2014-15 Departmental - 129
Part-time - 252
7 2015-16 Departmental - 130
Part-time - 401
8 2016-17 Departmental - 130
Part-time - 322

Central training camps

Central coaching camps are a part of the admission scheme to the hostels. A 15-day central coaching camp is conducted for boys and girls selected as per state-level selection/trials for admission to residential sports hostels. The players are given intensive training in these camps. On the last two days of the central coaching camp, the final selection/trial is organized. A merit list is prepared according to the marks obtained in this selection/trial. Admission is given to vacant seats in residential sports hostels as per the merit list.

Special training camp and management of kits

The state teams selected by state sports associations/federation are sent to take part in national tournaments. The Sports Department conducts 10 to 15 day special coaching camps for state teams prior to their departure for national championships to ensure better coordination among players and to ensure that their performance is also improved. Sports Department bears all the expenditure on the food and accommodation of the players incurred during the training period.

The department also provides kits and the train fare on the principle of single fare-double journey along with the reservation charges to and from the venue of the national championships.

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