Officers' Phone Number

Name of Officer/Designation Current Posting Code number Office number Resident number Mobile numbe
Shri Chetan Chauhan, 
Hon’ble Minister,
Sports and Youth Welfare, Government  of Uttar Pradesh
Shri Omendra Chaturvedi,
Personal Secretary
Room No. 60-61 Main Building, Secretariat 0522 2238080
2238027     9454410124
Shri Neel Kanth Tiwari,
Hon’ble State Minister, 
Sports and Youth Welfare,
Government of Uttar Pradesh
Shri C.B. Pandey,
Personal Secretary
16 Naveen Bhawan, Secretariat 0522 2239118   9415226166
Mohd.   Iftikharuddin Additional Chief Secretary,
Sports and Youth Welfare,Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh

Shri M.S. Siddiqui,
Additional Personal Secretary
Naveen Bhawan, Room Number-04   2239768, 2213552       9454410054
Dr. R.P. Singh, 
Director Sports
Fax-2614327 0522 2625525   -
Shri R.D. Kalyan, 
Joint Secretary, 
Mr. Vineet Prakash,
Deputy Secretary Sports
Shri Bhupendra Bahadur Singh, 
Under Secretary, 
    2213159   9454413859
Sushree. Surabhi Singh, Section Officer, Sports Section Secretariat CH 2213206   9454411927
Shri Anil Kumar Banaudha, 
Joint Director
Sports Directorate 0522 2614233 6392363250 9415349339
Shri R. N. Singh, 
Deputy Director Sports
Sports Directorate       9453774871
Mr. S. S. Mishra,
Deputy Director Sports
Sports Directorate       9935200198
Shri Sunil Kumar Sharma
Finance and Accounts Officer
Sports Directorate 0522 2613946   9415583537
Shri Dhirendra Shrivastav,
Assistent Finance and Accounts Officer
Sports Directorate       9452989884
Shri Vijay Kumar Gupta, 
Sports College Lucknow 0522 2732166
7084905571 9451032457
Shri Arunendra Kumar Pandey,
Sports College Gorakhpur 0551
Shri S.K. Lahri, 
Sports College Saifai 05688 276155   9451403090
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