About College

Guru Gobind Singh Sports College, Lucknow

With the motive of development of sports in Uttar Pradesh, government has established Guru Gobind Singh Sports College on Kursi Road at 13 KM away from Lucknow railway station on 01 August 1975. College is spread on 13 acres area.  This college is fully boarding institution for boys where emerging sportsmen within age group of 9-12 years from all the rural and urban sectors of the state, get admission from class–6. These players get scientific and technical training in Athletics, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Cricket and Badminton alongwith education provided by UP Board (Hindi medium) in Humanities Section and other necessary allied facilities.  By doing such activities, the college is contributing in enhancing the education and sports level of the state as well as of the country too.

In the college premises, a synthetic running track, Dhyan Chand Hockey stadium with AstroTurf and natural turf ground having flood lights, 03 flood lit Volleyball courts, Natural turf wicket/cemented wicket for Cricket having metal cage, 02 natural grass ground for Football, 02 synthetic courts for Tennis, a multi-purpose hall for recreation of students, swimming pool and modern sports equipment are available.  Apart, a multi-storied hostel, dining hall, community center, health center and VIP guest house etc are also available. For the stay of visiting teams, a visiting dormitory is available in Dhyan Chand Hockey stadium. National training camp and national/international competitions are organised in grounds and stadiums. In December 2016, junior hockey world cup was organized in Dhyan Chand Hockey Stadium; and the title was won by Indian team.

With the restless efforts and coordination made by Sports Authority of India and Guru Gobind Singh Sports College, Lucknow a Center of Excellence was established in the college premises for the special training of extra ordinary talented weight lifters (female) during the year 2000. In this center, excellent player of national level are specifically trained for best performance in international competitions.  Training to these players is imparted by experienced and talented trainers with the help of modern technique and equipment. By getting the highly skilled training, sports person are enhancing the standard of the college across the world. Apart, (Sai Training Center) is also being operated as a part of ATC scheme in Athletics from Sports Authority of India.

How to reach

This collage is located at 13 KM from Lucknow Railway Station at Kursi Road. From Lucknow railway station, one can get the Mahanagar Bus Service (Bus No. 23) to reach Sports College. In case person is coming through Auto/Tempo, the route is simple – Lucknow Junction > Engineering College > Ring Road > Tedhi Pulia. If a student leaves his bus at Quaisarbagh bus station, he can reach here through Auto/Tempo via Madiyaon >Engineering College > Ring Road > Tedhi Pulia.