Qualifications for admission in Sports College Lucknow are as follows:

  1. Admissions in Guru Gobind Singh Sports College, Lucknow would be offered in 6th class.
  2. It is necessary for the entrant to be native of Uttar Pradesh.
  3. The age of entrant for admission in 6th class should not be more than 12 years or less than 9 years till 01 April, 2016.
  4. For admission in 6th Class, entrant must have passed 5th Class examinations successfully. Even students who are studying in class 5th can take part in the entrance examination but at the time of admissions they are required to present 5th class pass certificate.
  5. If any information mentioned in the application form is found incorrect, selection of the defaulter would be cancelled.


  1. For Candidates who have assembled for preliminary and main selection exam it is mandatory to come in their respective sports kit otherwise they would not be included in the selection exam.
  2. Candidates can give selection test for only one sport.