College Fees

S.No.DescriptionCollege Fees (Funds)
1 College Fees For Class 6th Rs. 2,500/-
2 College Fees For Class 7th Rs. 3,000/-
3 College Fees For Class 8th Rs. 3,500/-
4 College Fees For Class 9th Rs.4,000/-
5 College Fees For Class 10th Rs.4,500/-
6 College Fees For Class 11th Rs.5,000/-
7 College Fees For Class 12th Rs.5,500/-

College Scholarship Facility:

On winning gold, silver and bronze medals in national level championships; full, half and quarter college fees will be returned on application.

Caution Money:

Parents of the students are required to submit Rs.2000/- during admission process. When student would finally leave the college, after certain deductions the left over amount would be given to the student. If students are withdrawn from the college by their parents earlier to this, this amount would be confiscated and student has to pay the deductions separately. In addition to this, if student causes damage/ breakage to college’s property; it would be recovered from the guardian.

Miscellaneous Expenses:

Each student has to submit Rs.1650/- as miscellaneous expenses for full year that would be utilized in haircut and laundry of students which is divided as follows:

1 For Clothes Washing( at the rate of Rs.125 per month for 11 months) 1375/-
2 For Cutting hair ( at the rate of Rs.25 / - per month for 11 months) 275/-
Total 1650/-

Fund for Appendix “D”

Continual personal use items of students must be funded by their parents whose description has been given in Appendix “D”. With the view of bringing about uniformity of goods available to all students in the college, (*) indicated goods in the Appendix “D” would be purchased by the college whose payment would be done by the parents of the students. Therefore, for these items Rs.1200/- is required to be submitted by parents in the college.


  1. A lump sum amount of College fees of Guru Govind Singh Sports College, Lucknow sports should be submitted to College cashier at the time of admission to 6th class and its receipt should be taken.Only after fees submission receipt is issued from the college entry of the student is validated.
  2. Student who has not submitted college fees will not be allowed to attend the college in any case.
  3. In case two brothers of single parent are obtaining education in the college, any kind of discount will not be provided.