Academic Details

Guru Gobind Singh Sports College Lucknow: In Guru Gobind Singh Sports College from class 6th till class 12th curriculum decided by UP Education Board is followed in which only humanities class through Hindi medium in following subjects is available via class wise education system:

From Class 6th to 8thClass 9th & 10thClass 11th & 12th
Fixed Subject Fixed Subject Compulsory Subject
1 Hindi 1 Hindi 1 Hindi
2 English 2 English 2 Sports & Physical Education
3 Sanskrit 3 Sanskrit Optional Subject
4 Preparatory Mathematics 4 Preparatory Mathematics 1 Economics
5 Science 5 Science 2 Civics
6 Social Science 6 Social Science 3 History
  7 Moral, Sport and Physical Education 4 Geography
    5 Sociology
    6 English

Sports Training Arrangements:

Guru Gobind Singh Sports College, Lucknow:

During 2016-17 session in Guru Gobind Singh Sports College 6th class selection process would be conducted only for boys in athletics, football, hockey, volleyball total 04 games.

Medium of Education:

The medium of education in the college is although Hindi, yet every possible effort are being made to ensure that students speak, read and write the English language appropriately.

Correspondent Programs:

With the objective to inspire the spirit of living together amongst Boys and Girls inter-house debate competitions, cultural events, speeches by dignitaries and many more events are organized within college. Along with this with the aim of recreation and imparting knowledge to students, various excursion trips to historic and scenic places are organized for both boys and girls from time to time. Moreover, boys and girls are encouraged to do their own work so that they can understand the importance of labour.