Evaluation & Class Promotion

Sports Evaluation -

Student’s sports evaluation would be conducted 02 times in a year (in the last week of August). For students who do not participate in the national competition within a time period of 3 years expulsion proceedings are followed.

Academic Class Promotion-

It is necessary for all students to pass each year in his/her class. If any student gets failed between 6th to 11th classes, he /she would get one chance for re-admission only if he/she has participated in any national/international competition in its respective sport.

Progress Letter:

Guardians would be notified about the whole session’s activities and progress of their wards through progress letter. These progress letters includes student’s academic and sports reports.


Students who are failed in any class in either academics or sports would get the opportunity of re-admission only under following conditions:

  1. Student who is failed in Class 6th would get the opportunity of re-admission if that student is recommended by Sports Evaluation Committee for possessing the possibility of emerging sportsperson.
  2. Students who are failed in any class from 7th to 11th are expelled from the college. If the failed student has participated in any national / international competition, then he/she could get the opportunity of re-admission.
  3. Re-admission of the student can be considered if the student is however failed in sports evaluation but has secured either 70 % or above marks in academics and he/she is highly disciplined.
  4. Students would get only one chance in his/her whole study time for re-admission if he/she fails in class from 6th to 11th.