Sports College,Lucknow is fully residential and is equipped with all the adequate facilities required by students in hostel. Hostel has dormitories in which students live together according to house system. Each house has one house captain and one vice-captain who help master/warden and college administration in proper maintenance of hostel. Each house has a House Master that takes care of the students like guardian.


For entertainment of students, college has a colored LED and open air theatre on which sports related educational and entertaining programmes are shown to students according to availability of time.

Private Tuition-

Students studying in the college are not allowed to attend private tuitions. For the weak students of the college, special and extra class provision is offered by the college administration.

Medical Facility-

College has one health center as well as one medical officer. If a student is seriously ill, he/she is sent to medical college or government hospital and his/her guardians are informed about it. In every third month medical examination of all the students of the college is conducted by medical officer and the record of physical progress of each student is also created and maintained by medical officer such that if required this health report can be made available to guardians of the students. Guardians of a student can take him/her out of college for treatment only if he/she is referred by medical officer or allowed by Principal.

College Mess

College have  its own mess where the facility for dining of all the students together is available. Here all the students intake their food under observation of their sports teacher as well as house master.

In college mess both veg as well non-veg food is given to students. In the menu set by the college administration it is ensured that every student gets 5000 calories intake from everyday meal and the food is delicious too. Calories count in meal of students is checked from time to time by the Principal and medical officer.


Upon the commencement of the session, it is mandatory for all the students to bring dresses and all related items with them according to Appendix “D” else access to college will not be granted. Moreover, students while their entry to college must also bring college uniform (White terracotta half shirt, Navy blue terracotta pant, white socks and black shoes) with them.

Uniform, kit and other miscellaneous items that are mentioned in Appendix “C” are provided to students by the college whose expenditure is borne by the government.

Daily Routine-

Daily routine of students starts in early morning by P.T, Yoga, physical conditioning and ends with sports training, education and studies etc. in the night. Certainly, students have to follow strict daily routine. Still efforts are made that students could get time for their hobbies too.

Parents’ Contract (Agreement)-

It is mandatory for parents/guardians of all the students entering the college to sign the agreement with the college according to Appendix “E”. Parents / guardians are advised to thoroughly go through Parents Handbook (Prospectus) and College Regulations etc. and also make their wards aware of it.

Free Facilities-

Balanced diet containing 5000 calories, residence, Sports goods, college uniform, textbooks and stationary, library and medical help etc. facilities are provided to all students of the college absolutely free of charges.

Community Living:

Besides academics and sports training sessions, students are also encouraged for following discipline and doing work together. For this purpose, on Sunday (holiday) students are made to carry out community work etc collectively.

Note- It is necessary for all students to practice their religious worship within the school premises or on your personal level. It is forbidden to leave the school premises for this purpose.