Expulsion rules

Rules for Expulsion and Student leaving college

It is mandatory for parents of student leaving the college to submit notice 1 month prior to commencement of new session. Thus, in the event of notice being given all the security can be forfeited. In addition to this, any expenditure made by college in teaching and training of the student may also be recovered. Besides this, Principal can also expel any student from the college for the interest of students depending of following stated reasons /circumstances. In this case, all expenses done by college on student would be recovered fully from his/her guardian. These reasons are as follows:

  1. If a student is not following the discipline of the college properly or his/her behaviour with the staff of the college and college students is indecent and improper which is detrimental for other students living in the college; then on the basis of Indiscipline Principal has full right to expel that student from the college.
  2. If a student leaves the college without prior permission from the college, his/her guardian is fully responsible and college administration can follow expulsion proceedings on that student.
  3. If the student could not reach set parameters and level stated in Game Rating (Point number 19) and Academic Class Promotion (Point number 20).
  4. Due to all those reason that are marked in Uttar Pradesh Education Code.