College Fees

Selected applicants in the counselling will have to deposit fee in concerned college as per table mentioned below. After depositing the fee, their admission will be considered as final:-

Sr. No.


College Fee (Annual)

Caution Money

Miscellaneous expenses Annual)

Appendix "E"

Total college Fee (Annual)

1 Class-6 2,500/- 2000/- 1,650/- 1200/- 7,350/-
2 Class-7 3,000/- .......... 1,650/- 1200/- 5,850/-
3 Class-8 3,500/- .......... 1,650/- 1200/- 6,350/-
4 Class-9 4,000/- .......... 1,650/- 1200/- 6,850/-
5 Class-10 4,500/- .......... 1,650/- 1200/- 7,350/-
6 Class-11 5,000/- .......... 1,650/- 1200/- 7,850/-
7 Class-12 5,500/- .......... 1,650/- 1200/- 8,350/-

Brief description of the heads shown in above table is as under:-

College Fee:

At the beginning of every session, deposition of fee as per above table will be necessary for every student.

Caution Money:

At the time of admission, guardian of student will have to deposit Rs. 2000/- as caution money. When student leaves the college finally, her/his caution money will be returned after deducting the dues. In case any student leaves the college prematurely, caution money will be forfeited and she/he will have to pay the dues separately. Apart, if any loss/damage is made to the property of college, recovery of the same will be made from the guardian concerned.

Miscellaneous Expenses:

Every student will have to deposit an amount of Rs. 1,650/- on account of miscellaneous expenses. This money will be utilised in haircut and cloth washing of the students as under:-

1 For Clothes Washing( at the rate of Rs.125 per month for 11 months) 1375/-
2 For Cutting hair ( at the rate of Rs.25 / - per month for 11 months) 275/-
Total 1650/-

Amount of Appendix "E"

All the daily usable articles by students will be provided by their guardians. Such articles are mentioned in Appendix "E". For maintaining uniformity in the articles of all students, good(s) mentioned in Appendix "E" are marked as (') will be provisioned by the college after making a local purchase. The amount of such purchase will have to be bear by guardians. Rs. 1200/- will be deposited by the guardian against this head, at the time of admission.


  • College fee will be deposited in one go in cash at the counter in all the three sports college namely Guru Gobind Singh Sports College, Lucknow, Veer Bahadur Singh Sports College, Gorakhpur and major Dhyan Chand Sports College, Saifai at the time of admission in class-6 and receipt obtained. Admission of the student will be considered final after issue of fee deposit receipt. For fee deposition of other classes, no bill of notice will be issued by the college. This will be sole responsibility of the guardians to deposit the fee (April every year) with the cashier and obtain receipt to this effect.
  • Student failing in depositing the college fee will not be granted admission in any circumstances.
  • No fee exemption will be provided if two brothers or dependents of a guardian who are getting education together in college.