Sports infrastructure-

In the college premises a synthetic running track for Athletics, natural turf ground and Astro Turf stadium for Hockey, duly surrounded with flood lights as Major Dhyan Chand stadium, 3 flood lit courts for Volleyball, 2 synthetic courts for Tennis, natural turf/cemented wicket for Cricket with metal cage, 02 natural grassy grounds for Football, 1 multipurpose hall for recreation of students, Swimming Pool and modern sports equipment are available. A multi-storied hostel, Dining Hall, Community Hall, Health center, VIP guest house etc are also available. For visiting teams, a visiting dormitory and a separate dormitory is also available in Dhyanchand stadium.  National and international sports meets are organized in sports grounds and stadiums located in the college premises. In December 2016, Junior Hockey World Cup was organized in Dhyanchand Hockey stadium and Indian team won the title.

College Mess –

Colleges have their own mess. In these messes, all the students can have their meals in one sitting. All students take their meal under the supervision of sports teacher/assistant sports teacher/warden.  Vegetarian and non-vegetarian both kinds of meals are served. Daily college menu ensures that every student is getting 5000 calories per day and it is delicious too.  Principal and medical officer carry out a check on the calories available in the food, time to time.

Medical facility –

A health center and medical officer is available in the college.  After the referral of medical officer and approval of Principal, guardian of the student can get treatment from outside.  In the event of any student gets seriously ill, parents/guardian are informed and student is referred either to medical college or government hospital.

Hostel –

Every sports college is fully boarding with all allied amenities. Dormitories are available in hostels and a house pattern is being exercised for homely living of the student. Every house has a captain and a vice captain to look after their respective houses and dormitory. A college captain and vice-captain is there to look after complete college, he helps the house masters/warden and college administration in routine maintenance.  A house master is also there in every house to take care of students as guardian.

Clothing –

On the beginning of the session, all students will have to bring clothing and other material as specified through appendix ‘E’ of the prospectus otherwise their admission will not be finalised. Students of class-6 will bring college uniform (White Terricot half sleeve shirt, navy blue Terricot pant, white socks and black shoes) necessarily.  Uniform, Kit and other materials as mentioned in the appendix “C” of the prospects, is provided to student from college with the expense attributable to government.  

Entertainment –

For entertainment of students, coloured LCD, projector and open air theatre are available in the college for displaying sports related and entertaining programs time to time.

Library and Reading room –

For enhancement of knowledge of students, a library and reading room is provisioned in college which is enriched with sports magazines, books and newspapers.

Text Books and stationary –

All the text books and stationary is provided to the students from college administration free of cost. Books issued to the students will be the official property of college which will have to be deposited back at the end of session.

Inter house competitions-

Inter-house competitions are organized for the students with the motive to enhance the co-curricular activities, to increase the healthy competitive spirit and to know about tips on organizing the competitions. Winners are awarded with prizes and certificates.